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Wedge Wire Knowledge

  • application of wedge wire strainer in water treatment

    Wedge wire strainers also referred to as slotted wedge wire screens, are widely used in water treatment to remove impurities and sediment from raw water sources. There are some typical applications of wedge wire strainers and filters in water treatment....


  • dsm sieve curved screens for fish disversion

    The use of DSM sieve-curved screens for fish protection and diversion has been a popular, innovative technology in recent years. ...


  • static screen filter

    Static screen filters also called sieve bend screens, Rundown Screens, or parabolic screens are usually used in liquid and solid filtration for some industrial waste treatment processes....


  • wedge wire cylindrical strainers for filter

    Wedge wire cylindrical stainers can be a small filter element for the filtration system. An ideal solution for industrial filtration, separation, or retention needs. WhatsApp/skype: +86 136 5328 5589...


  • header lateral distributor

    Header lateral distributors (wedge wire collectors/wedge wire lateral assemblies) provide even, effective distribution and collection. Widely used in under-draining applications for filtering and screening. sales@ubowedgewire.com...


  • chemical plant wedge wire panel

    A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that manufactures (or otherwise processes) chemicals, usually on a large scale. YUBO is a global player when it comes to the chemistry industry. Provide and manufacture custom chemical plant wedge wire panels....


  • wedge wire filter for petrochemical

    YUBO custom manufactures and provides various wedge wire filters for petrochemicals. Such as we can produce a wedge wire screen flat panel, sieve bend screen, false bottom, filter drum, filter tubes, water nozzles, etc....


  • wedge wire filter for industry filtration system

    Wedge Wire Screen is a multi-functional screen that we are uniquely positioned to supply....


  • Wedge Wire for Filtration

    Wedge wire, or as itĦħs sometimes known, profile bar, is mostly used in the manufacture of screens. Quality is tested throughout the product life cycle to ensure our mission: Customer Satisfaction....


  • How to clean air filter element

    Many industrial filter components can be cleaned and reused. It is important to confirm if your filter element is of a type that can be cleaned....


  • The Advantages of Stainless steel wedge wire tube

    The stainless steel wedge wire tube has a smooth surface, uniform gap, and is not easy to block holes. The filter is evenly sprayed with high-strength non-toxic industrial plastic to enhance the acid and alkali resistance of the filter and reduce electrochemical reaction and biochemical reaction. ...


  • Why using wedge wire rotary drum screen

    Rotary drum screen is a rotating wedge wire cylinder which is fed externally. As the solids are captured on the face of the screen, they are removed by a discharge blade. The mass influent constantly washing the screen, resulting in continuous self cleaning screen surface. The continuous and automatic self-cleaning effect makes it possible to use higher hydraulic and solids loading onto the screen in comparison with other types of screening equipment. Therefore, substantial capital and operational cost are saving....


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