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Wedge Wire Knowledge

  • wedge wire filter for industry filtration system

    Wedge Wire Screen is a multi-functional screen that we are uniquely positioned to supply....


  • Wedge Wire for Filtration

    Wedge wire, or as itĦħs sometimes known, profile bar, is mostly used in the manufacture of screens. Quality is tested throughout the product life cycle to ensure our mission: Customer Satisfaction....


  • How to clean air filter element

    Many industrial filter components can be cleaned and reused. It is important to confirm if your filter element is of a type that can be cleaned....


  • The Advantages of Stainless steel wedge wire tube

    The stainless steel wedge wire tube has a smooth surface, uniform gap, and is not easy to block holes. The filter is evenly sprayed with high-strength non-toxic industrial plastic to enhance the acid and alkali resistance of the filter and reduce electrochemical reaction and biochemical reaction. ...


  • Why using wedge wire rotary drum screen

    Rotary drum screen is a rotating wedge wire cylinder which is fed externally. As the solids are captured on the face of the screen, they are removed by a discharge blade. The mass influent constantly washing the screen, resulting in continuous self cleaning screen surface. The continuous and automatic self-cleaning effect makes it possible to use higher hydraulic and solids loading onto the screen in comparison with other types of screening equipment. Therefore, substantial capital and operational cost are saving....


  • Wedge Wire Screen is Important in Coanda Screens for Precision Water Treatment

    Coanda screens are tilted profile wire bar screens which is made from flat wedge wire screen. Generally speaking it is formed with wedge wire screen panel and a frame. The shape allows the coanda screens to remain clean with little or no mechanical cleaning. ...


  • Wedge Wire Screen Has More Open Area

    The opening ratio of wedge wire screen is very important, which affects its working efficiency. There are two ways to increase the opening ratio: one is to increase the diameter of the mesh hole, and the other is to reduce the center distance of the mesh hole. ,...


  • Cylindrical screen for inside outside filtration

    Wedge wire cylinders and tubes can be designed with slot openings and wires running on the outside surface of screen cylinder or they can be put axially on the inside of the cylinder....


  • Why choose wedge wire screen panel as decoration

    Stainless steel wedge wire is a new model of architectural decoration product. Mainly used as decorative cladding for covering and decoration of walls, columns and elevators. The profile wire grills can be fabricated in flat panels and tubes. Traditionally, the wedge wire is used as filter screen in various separation application in food and beverage, water treatment, water well screen, paper making and sand control....


  • Benefits of Using Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screens

    Rotary drum screens are widely used as efficient fine screens in wastewater treatment plants. There are two main types of drum screens; internally drum screen and externally drum screen.Generally rotary drum screens are driven automatically by lifting liquid to the flanged inlet of equipment with the help of submersible wastewater pumps.Rotation of drum is driven by an appropriate rpm reductors. This is different from static sieve screens, because of the electricity energy requirement....


  • Applications of Mining Sieve Bend Screen

    A sieve bend consists of a concave curved profile wire screen mounted in a frame with the screen openings perpendicular to the flow. A curved screen has greater capacity than a flat wedge screen due to forces exerted as material flows against the curved surface....


  • Manufacturing process of wedge wire products from UBO

    The manufacturing process of wedge wire products is a two step process. The first stage consists of preparing the V-Shaped wall material. This process consist in creating a material in a triangular shape (V-Shaped) that provides uniformity and the needed resistance according to the requirements of the different products....


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