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How to clean air filter element

Many industrial filter components can be cleaned and reused. It is important to confirm if your filter element is of a type that can be cleaned. Coalescing filter elements, high-efficiency filter elements and filters with special filter media are usually not cleanable.

When the pressure drop causes significant airflow loss, the dirty filter cartridge must be cleaned. The actual operating experience tells you how long it takes to clean or replace the filter based on the type and amount of dirt in the filtered air. The pressure drop indicator can also be used to signal when it is necessary to clean the filter element.

Once you have established a maintenance plan for cleaning the filter components, choose one of three simple cleaning methods: Manual cleaning of the filter

Remove the filter element from the housing and hold it vertically with one hand and the other hand to play on the fins. This tapping action will drive away most of the dirt. Then you can use the filter element.

Second, compressed air filter cleaning

Blowing off dust with compressed air restores the cartridge to its original condition. At a pressure of about 100 Pa, the inside of the filter element is blown off, directing as much airflow as possible into the interior of the radial fin. Next, blow off the outside of the filter element and direct the airflow to the heat sink to prevent dust particles from being embedded in the felting. Finally, below the inside out again to remove any dirt from the clean side of the filter screen.

Third, the cleaning filter

After cleaning the filter element by hand or compressed air for several times, it can be returned to a new state by washing or soaking it in soap, detergent, and water. After rinsing, use compressed air to remove excess water as described above.

Note: If you are cleaning the filter element, do not attempt to dry it in the oven or at high temperatures. Never use gasoline, kerosene, alcohol or any other solvent as they will permanently damage the plastic end seal.

I don't know if your filter can be cleaned? We can tell you that if not, we can provide recovery services.

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