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chemical plant wedge wire panel

A chemical plant is an industrial process plant that manufactures (or otherwise processes) chemicals, usually on a large scale. YUBO is a global player when it comes to the chemistry industry. Provide and manufacture custom chemical plant wedge wire panels.

chemical plant

The wedge wire screen is a reliable guarantee for solid-liquid screening in many industries, mainly in chemical industries, gas and oil, and others. Unique advantages of v wire profile prompted this.

There are serious of wedge wire panels used in the petrochemical industry:
Wedge Wire Support Grids
Wedge Wire Outlet Collectors
Wedge Wire Reactor Internals
Wedge Wire Pressure Vessels
Wedge Wire Reactors
Wedge Wire Mass Transfer Screens
Wedge Wire Reactor Housing
Reactor screen

wedge wire screen panel for chemical plant

The role of wedge wire screen products in chemical plants is as follows:
processing of paints and coatings
processing of chemicals
processing polymers
purification of potassium
purification of phosphate

YUBO hope can export our wedge wire chemical products all over the world, hope can cooperate with more friends.

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