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static screen filter

static screen filter--a pre-filter in urban & industrial waste treatment plants

Static screen filters also called sieve bend screens, Rundown Screens, or parabolic screens are usually used in liquid and solid filtration for some industrial waste treatment processes.

Our static screen filters are composed of v-slot wire profiles and support profiles.


static screen filter/sieve bend screen

It is used for both municipal and industrial applications, particularly for screening fibrous and non-greasy solids. Like:
1. Wastewater treatment for plastics, paper, textile, tanning, laundry, milk, and food industries.
2. Container cleaning and recycling of water in cleaning circuits.

Some features of our static filter
1. Structure: wedge wire screen.
2. Flow direction: screen openings perpendicular to the flow.
3. Carrying capacity: curved screens have more capacity than flat screens due to the forces exerted by the material as it flows over curved surfaces.
4. Screening capacity: The screening capacity of the screen is determined by the percentage of its open area.

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