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  • Why Choose Wedge Wire as Filter Material

    In the modern industry, wedge wire is commonly used as a filter medium, so why choose wedge wire as a filter medium?...


  • Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen

    With wedge wire as screening media, the curved sieve bends can be used as pre-filters offering high capacity and cost-effective method of solids/liquids separation. It is also known as DSM static screen or gravity fed screen....


  • The similarity and difference of wedge wire screen tube and cylinder

    Compared with wedge wire screen tube, the wedge wire screen cylinder has some similarity and difference.,Do you know what are information, please click here....


  • Clean methods of the sintered filter element

    The sintered filter element can be regenerated by physical and chemical methods according to the pollution situation and the chemical properties of the contaminant combined with the physicochemical properties of the stainless steel....


  • Wedge Wire Nozzle Screen for High Filtering Efficiency

    Various types and sizes make wedge wire nozzle filter screen outstanding to suit different class filtering applications....


  • Dewatering Screen for Coal Mining

    For nearly half a century, dewatering screens have been instrumental in the coal mining industry to effectively separate solids found in slurries. ...


  • Why choose Resin Trap Screens

    Resin Trap Filters are essential protection devices for water treatment systems. Resin Traps are placed in a housing inline with the flow to capture expensive media. ...


  • Welcome to our Factory

    Welcome to our Wedge Wire Screen and Filter Element Factory, we are the filter strainer manufacturer in China, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in it....


  • sieve bend screen work process

    Sieve Bend Screens can be manufactured in a variety of widths, arc lengths, apertures or wedge wires to suit the flow rate and material being separated....


  • How to Recycle The Precipitated Pulp In Paper Mill

    The pretreatment of waste paper and papermaking wastewater is the premise to ensure that the system meets the standard, main purpose of pretreatment: Recover the fiber in wastewater and reduce the load of the biochemical system....


  • what is wedge wire

    Wedge wire screens are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From two basic forms, slot tubes and flat screens, almost all shapes and sizes can be developed to fit customersˇä requirements. ...


  • wedge wire screen for fish diversion

    Our wedge wire screen panel, pipe, basket, false bottom, and cylinders are used in a wide variety of industries to support, beautify, dewater, deslime, drain and rinse, classify wet/dry, strain, filter, dry and cool. Learn more about how our wedge wire screens are used in fish Diversion....


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