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  • 2020 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    Thank you very much for your support to our company in the past year. Due to the Spring Festival holiday, all employees of our company will have a holiday. ...


  • Trust Filter Concept for superior quality of new generation high flow cartridge filter solutions

    Industrial filters are significant and crucial equipment widely employed in the manufacturing industry for the purification of raw materials, assistance in process isolation as well as decreasing process downtime....


  • Blessing of The Spring Festival

    Hebei UBO company will not only bring you new yearĦħs greetings but also have greater product discounts waiting for you....


  • How do I Choose Which Stainless Steel to Use

    About how to Choose Which Stainless Steel to Use, the news give you the best answer....


  • Wedge Wire Filter Element Custom

    When the treated wastewater is evenly distributed on the inclined screen surface through the overflow weir, due to the small and smooth screen surface gap and large back gap, the solid matter is trapped and pushed to the lower end of the for discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation....


  • New years day blessing for you

    As long as the product is ordered for more than 10,000 US dollars of wedge wire filter element screen customed, we will give an extra New Year gift pack. In addition, the more the amount and quantity of the order, the more discounts will be enjoyed....


  • Wedge Wire Sieve Bends Screen Panel

    Manufacture of the wedge wire sieve bends screen panel. Welded sieve bends are bent into the required radius after welding the mat. The rounding can be effected both in slot direction and in direction of the cross bars. ...


  • Introduce the matters needing attention during the debugging process of wedge wire screen pipe

    Especially prominent in the water well industry, widely used in water resource filter screen pipe. The following describes the matters needing attention during the debugging process of the wedge wire screen pipe....


  • Talking about the factors related to the flatness of the punching mesh

    We are a large-scale industrial enterprise integrating production and sales. It is famous in the country for its production of wedge wire screen, wedge wire filter nozzle, Johnson pipe, sintered filter, and other products. It is highly praised by users and experts....


  • What are the tips for cleaning the Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel

    Use a cloth strip soaked in alcohol to gently wipe the dirt to remove it (alcohol should be used for medical alcohol with a concentration of not less than 75%)....


  • Maintenance knowledge of Wedge Wire Filter Pipe

    Wedge Wire Filter pipe is widely used in screening, filtration, and protective decoration. It can be used in mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, aerospace, and other industries, but there will also be failures in the process of use. LetĦħs share a common sense of maintenance....


  • What are the factors that affect the screening of Wedge Wire Screen Panel

    Wedge Wire Screen Panel, also known as porous plate, has good wear resistance, long service life, moisture resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for ore washing, screening, dehydration, and other mechanical industries. So what are the factors that affect the sieve plate screening?...


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