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  • slot water filter nozzle for the filtration system

    Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way to filter your water? If so, then a slot water filter nozzle could be the perfect solution for your filtration system....


  • welded wedge wire mash tun for brewing

    Welded wedge wire mash tuns are gaining popularity in the craft brewing industry because of their superior performance and durability. Welcome to contact us for custom! Email: sales@ubowedgewire.com...


  • scraper self-cleaning filter

    The scraper self-cleaning filter is our new product. For advice and custom scraper self-cleaning filters or filtration solutions please contact us directly for a quote. Email: sales@ubowedgewire.com...


  • wedge wire screen filtration in power plant

    Our wedge wire screen serves as a water intake screen widely used in power plants. It can help nuclear power plants clean water. And the wedge wire screen filtration is the first safeguard of clean waters....


  • static screener for paper industries

    Static screener-- Ideal for solid-liquid separation equipment for paper industries. Intended to meet the needs of the paper industry for sewage and wastewater treatment applications, it excels in solids handling, conveying, and dewatering....


  • filter housing cooling water system for the brewery

    Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Housing -- Filtration solution for brewery cooling water system. ...


  • slotted screen filter design and custom

    Slotted screen filters generally refer to wedge wire screen filters. YUBO slotted screen filter design and custom services. Widely used in industrial filtration and separation. WhatsApp: 86 18032153916...


  • holiday notice

    Our company will close for the Chinese New Year Holiday: From 2023.1.19 until 2023.1.28 ...


  • filter housing and solution for chocolate filtration

    YUBO provides self-cleaning filter housings and solutions for food&beverage industries, such as chocolate filtration, caramel filtration, sauces filtration, etc....


  • tower internals inner screen

    YUBO tower internals inner screen experts have independent design capabilities and technical support. We are your loyal partners in filtration engineering! Email:sales@ubowedgewire.com...


  • wedge wire false bottom for mash tun

    Wedge wire false bottom for mash tun also called false bottoms screens filter or lautering equipment false bottom is placed at the bottom of the mash tun. It acts as a strainer, supporting the grain while allowing the wort to pass through....


  • v wedge wire screen panel filters

    V wedge wire screen panel filters also called wedge wire flat panel screens are the most advanced product of modern technology used in many industries for screening, filtration, dewatering, drying, and cleaning....


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