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  • Can the Wedge Wire Screen Panel be used in the harsh environment

    UBO have first-class production equipment, strong R&D capability, rich experience and full inspection means to provide a full range of wire screen pipe and filter products for worldwide customers. product application:oil well , water well , geothermal well , sewage and industrial wastewater disposal plants, food equipment, liquids filtration,cleaning treatment,make drink ,make food and more....


  • How to choose stainless steel mesh baskets

    The quality of the materials directly affects the quality and service life of the products, which is related to whether the products can be used up to the service life and quality Whether the quantity is up to the standard....


  • If you want to clean small items, what is the right way

    The stainless steel net basket is mainly used for cleaning work. It is protected by solid outer net wire to prevent damage during cleaning....


  • Take you to know what is mineral screen

    The mineral screen is a newly developed product in the screen industry. It is a kind of metal mesh structure element for screening and filtration. There are polyurethane screens, manganese steel screens, and a stainless steel screen....


  • Where our coal comes from

    So much coal, every plant maybe need the clean coal filter, such as wedge wire filter screen panel, tube, basket, etc, the products details , you can conct us to get more.,https://www.ubowedgewire.com/...


  • How to solve the clogging of Sieve Bend Screen Strainer Filter

    The main reason for the clogging of the Sieve Bend Screen Strainer Filter is that there are many fine materials in the screen material, which are close to the size of the screen hole and easy to get stuck on the screen hole, resulting in clogging...


  • Three minutes to let you know the screening process of wedge wire sieve plate

    Wedge wire screen panels is processed by advanced fusion welding technology, with high screening, anti-seismic and tensile capacity...


  • What are the Top Industrial Uses for Stainless Steel Wedge Wire

    Wedge wire screen panels have a number of excellent industrial uses. While they can be used for any custom need of a client, the top industrial uses as follow....


  • What are the causes of sieve plate damage too fast

    The Wedge Wire Welded Screen Panels has good wear resistance and long service life. If the tension of the sieve plate is not enough or no maintenance is carried out, the damage speed will also be accelerated....


  • How to select screen correctly

    The screening of materials depends on the mesh size of the vibrating screen to control the screening size of materials, so the effective selection of the mesh is the main factor to improve the efficiency of the vibrating screen....


  • Wedge Wire Screens Used in Agriculture

    Primary agricultural uses for wedge wire screens:,Feed screening, Feed recovery,Manure separation...


  • The challenges of ores filtration

    UBO wedge wire products are widely used to many industries, like: Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Food & Beverage, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, etc. ...


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