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  • The best choice for Waste Water Treatment -----Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Filter

    The Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Filter is better for treat Waste Water, and to treat the water, the waste water undergoes five processes to ensure that the water is free from contaminants and can be re-used again by the public....


  • The maintenance knowledge of Stainless steel screen and pipe

    UBO Filter is the Stainless steel screen and pipe maufacturer from China ,we can provide the all knowledge about the Stainless steel screen, pipe, panel, basket, welcome contact us if you want to know more....


  • Application of different common function of the corresponding wedge wire screen plate

    According to the process requirements of size and screening by screen sieve plate material, generally can be divided into the following several kinds of sieve plate:bar sieve plate, punching sieve, mesh sieve, the polyurethane sieve plate, sieve plates,etc....


  • Advantages of wire wrapped screen

    Advantages of wire wrapped screen-UBO is specialized in producing and distributing wedge wire screen,sieve bend,Filter Nozzle,centrifuge baskets,header-lateral etc. Welcome to contact us sales@ubowedgewire.com....


  • Water treatment basics

    UBO is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial wedge wire screen, wedge baskets, filter nozzle, resin traps and profile screen laterals in Hebei, China....


  • Usage and Scope of Resin Trap

    The resin catcher is used as a supplementary device for ion exchanger to prevent the leakage of water from the water outlet device and to prevent the leakage of the resin into the desalting water system, so as to ensure the normal operation and use of the following equipment. It has small volume and high recovery efficiency....


  • Application of Wedge Wire Pipe in Water Filtering

    This article introduced the usage and application of wedge wire pipe in water filter area....


  • The stainless steel trapezoid wire screen element usage in water treatment industry

    UBO stainless steel screen components, curved wire screen components and its extension products in the water and wastewater treatment industry is also promising....


  • Vibration sieve material of different and corrosion resistant knowledge

    Vibrating screen has a number of components, can be made of a variety of materials, metal and wood, such as linear sieve screen frame often use wooden structure. However, on the whole, most of the parts or metal materials, the majority of steel, concrete types and models to see the vibrating screen model and use....


  • The meaning of water distributor

    Water is the work area on a regular basis in a certain arrangement of water, the most common are water distribution uniformity in the work surface. Complete this task called for water distribution....


  • Screen cylinder design

    There are three types of screen cylinders: holed, slotted and wedge wire Screen Basket....


  • The wedge wire screen filter application in the filtering tank

    The stainless steel filtering rank include the tank shell, the Multiple filter, the backwash part, the pressure drop controller, and so on. The diaphragm plate in the no tower-water supply tank shelf separate the tank into the top zone and the bottom zone. In the top zone, there are some filters...


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