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  • Stainless steel filter cartridge new use - BBQ smoking tube

    Stainless steel filter cartridges are used in many ways. They can be used to filter water, purify water, remove sand and gravel from water, microorganisms, etc. It can also be used to filter oil and so on. Today I am going to introduce the new use of stainless steel filter cartridges for grilling smoke pipes....


  • Why Using Pressure Screens for Pulp and Paper

    As pressure screening is the key process in pulp and paper production, a pressure screen is a vital part to improve quality of pulp and paper products. In approach flow applications, pressure screening is the final stock cleaning stage before the headbox, and the machine is called headbox screen or machine screen.,...


  • Two screening methods of sieve plate features

    Sieve plate work is not the only way, there are horizontal and vertical sieving in two ways. Usually we used horizontal sieving method more, Because the horizontal screen more simple in operation, but vertical sieving also have application. Next, UBO for we to sort out these two sieving methods...


  • UBO wells screen pipe advantages and characteristics

    We are the professional in the production water filter pipe (sand control screen), V-shaped wire around the structure, large filtration area, water volume, the product can replace the traditional bridge filter pipe,is the optimal filter pipe of geothermal wells, oil wells. Product Advantages:,...


  • UBO dewatering centrifuges basket products model

    Our company's dewatering centrifuges basket products model. complete:HSG1500, H900, H1000,VM1400, VM1500,FC-1200 and so on....


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