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design considerations of lauter tun false bottom

The lauter tun false bottom in beer processing is used to support the mash bed and confine the grains above the floor while allowing the liquid wort from the spent grains to flow through it.

The role of the wedge wire false bottom is very important. It will affect the final taste of the beer. As a professional lauter tun screen manufacturer, the design considerations of our lautering equipment false bottom are very thorough.

lauter tun false bottom

Designed to meet your requirements Lauter tun performance depends on many factors, including the number of brews per day (brew cycle), as well as the raw materials, milling method, cutting technique, wort concentration, and weak wort management – all of which play an important role in the lautering process.

What should be considered in a good false bottom design?

1. Important parameters such as diameter, bed loading, or wort concentration are key considerations.
2. More run-off points. The more run-off points can be reduced and local compaction of the spent grains can be avoided. This is also one of the reasons for the use of wedge wire structures.
3. The false bottom should have enough support points and the distribution should be even.
4. There should also be support around the false bottom. The support around the false bottom can effectively avoid the pressure deformation of the false bottom due to the force on the edge.

The Production Process of our wedge wire lauter tun screen false bottom:

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