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Wedge Wire Knowledge

  • Why choose the wedge wire screen in your application

    Wedge wire is often recommended for its strength and cleaning ease. It can be supplied in many forms used in distribution/collection systems, nozzle and lateral configurations being the most common....


  • Various types of wedge wire products

    ,Wedge wire screen is a type of filtering screen, which is composed of profile wires and support rods. The profile wires are commonly triangle wire and the support wire of wedge wire screen can be triangle wire, round bar, flat wire or wedge wire. Wedge wire screen has various types and specs. The classification of wedge wire screen are mainly according to the shape of screen....


  • About of Sieve bend screen information

    The Sieve Bend is also known as a DSM Screen. Sieve Bend Screens are ideal for sizing and dewatering applications to remove solids from liquids, or in solid/solid separation for dry feed situations....


  • Lauter tun screen of beer equipment filter filtration

    ,Lauter tun of UBO brand is used for beer equipment, and presents greater challenges for time savings. We are looking to have a more good filtration effect, efficient extraction of the sugars all within a reasonable time frame. Bed loading, grist spectrum (grind), uniform distribution of the mash, design of the raking machine, wort collection system and false bottom all play their part in achieving the goals....


  • Application environment of Lauter tun screen

    Lauter Tun vessels are used in the craft beer brewing process between the mash tun and the brew kettle. The lauter tun separates the barley husks from the clear liquid wort. The barley husks provide a natural filter bed through which the wort is strained and drains of the lauter tun as a cleautr liquid . Wedge wire screen is the preferred false bottom for lauter tun tanks in many breweries.The stainless steel wedge wire screen can be made in sections to fit through any man-way. Typically, the wedge wire false bottom screen has .030 slot openings to hold back the solids and allow liquid to pass through. ...


  • Stainless Steel Water Filter Nozzle Output Definition

    From a commercial point of view, defining a lower flow velocity in the filter nozzle gap will reduce the output of a single filter nozzle and require more filter nozzles on the same equipment; technically, the filling materials above the filter nozzle The sample may be ion exchange resin, may be quartz sand, may be activated carbon, and the size of the filter material is also very different, and the clogging coefficient of the gap is also very different. If we define a relatively high gap flow rate, then it may cause more trouble for running resistance in the actual application process. In addition, the gap size of the filter nozzle changes greatly....


  • Introduction and feature of UBO filtration nozzles

    UBO filtration nozzles for water treatment have been manufactured for over many years. Applications include: treatment of drinking water, demineralised water production, urban and industrial waste water treatment, filtration of river/well water for irrigation, water for swimming pools, steel works, food production, etc....


  • Specification of wedge wire screen resin trap

    UBO wedge wire screen resin trap feature a continuous slot design,and provide various kind of specification of wedge wire screen resin trap....


  • Wedge wire screen baskets are key parts of centrifuge dewatering equipment

    Wedge wire screen baskets are key parts of centrifuge dewatering equipment, the basket mainly used in centrifuge dewatering, and are widely used in coal, chemical, metallurgical and so on....


  • The chractiristic and uses of Wedge wire screen

    Wedge wire screen: Stainless steel welded sieve screen is a metal mesh structure for screening and filtering components....


  • Introduction of the filter tube

    Screen Filter often regarded as the heart of the well pipe, water supply industry in China is usually by wrapping perforated iron pipes or steel pipes, vulnerability of this type of filter in the groundwater chemistry, electrochemistry and corrosion and bacteria was blocked, reducing the efficiency and reduce the water wells life. Especially when groundwater when corrosive, severe damage can make a lot of sand into the hole, causing siltation and burned-out water pumps, Wells useless. To resolve this issue, both at home and abroad to develop stainless steel filters, glass filters, asbestos cement pipe wrapping or filter, put Li filters, and so on, but because of high raw materials costs, processing complex, low water capacity, as well as heavy of body structure and other factors limit the scope of its application, but are not widespread....


  • Type of wedge wire screen

    Wedge wire screen products consist of V shape profile wire and the longitudinal support rods. Each intersecting point the Vshape section plane can avoid blockage ,and make sure of the unimpeded water. The consecutive slot have more open area ,and it can reduce the speed of the water entering to of these wires is fusion welded ,so it has sturdy constriction and good mechanical property. Avoid the sand entering the screen under the great pressure ,so it can filter sand better....


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