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Wedge Wire Screen is Important in Coanda Screens for Precision Water Treatment


What is Coanda intake screen


Coanda screens are tilted profile wire bar screens which is made from flat wedge wire screen. Generally speaking it is formed with wedge wire screen panel and a frame. The shape allows the coanda screens to remain clean with little or no mechanical cleaning. 


What can conanda screen do?


A poor intake is normally the cause of most hydro turbine system problems. 

UBO Coanda intake screen can be used not only to small hydro system, it can also be used for domestic, farm, village and small town water supplies.

Coanda screen applies the Coanda effect which refers to the phenomena in a jet flow attaches itself to a solid surface and remains attached, even when the surface curves away from the initial jet direction. 

Water and some fine silt particles in certain diameter pass through the screen, while the  larger silt and debris is excluded and deposited downstream. In this way, the debris can build up on the lower parts of the screen. This will be washed off when the river flow rises above the screen capacity.

UBO Coanda Screen provides benefits of the following:

-- Increasing water flow

-- Anti erosion 

-- Uniform slot to exclude silt and debris 

-- Reduce project maintenance cost.

-- Reduce project costs by removing requirements for settling tanks

-- Easy to install, with no moving parts

-- Can be operated at low temperatures without freezing

-- Environmental-friendly and aquatic life friendly

-- Cut bottom layer of water using titled wedge wire and has removable screen panel for maintenance. 

-- Remove debris, eliminating the need for downstream secondary filtration or sedimentation basins

-- Fish bypass avoiding waterway habitat destruction


This Coanda Box makes your micro hydro intake works simply and effectively. Mounting tabs, removable screen panels,  and simple outlet connections make installation quick and easy.  Enjoy the low maintenance and simplified structure by a Coanda screen. 


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