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Agricultural Solutions with Diversion Wedge Wire Screens

Workers who has used ditch water to supply either a pivot or gated pipe knows how important it is to have clean debris-free water.


A tilted wedge wire screen will eliminate this problem, reduce maintenance costs, eliminate weed seeds, moss and other debris. Water Conservation is also greatly improved by never having clogged nozzles or gates. Once the flows and gates are set you can be insured that they will remain as set and not plug. The screens can be installed in a separate screen box or put into the bottom of the ditch and utilize the existing check to provide the head necessary for the operation of the screen.


While effective, pits are expensive to build and a great deal of water is lost in their operation. The in-ditch mounted units can accommodate flows of 50 gpm to 25 cfs with piping designed to accommodate the flows. The material of the screen construction is 304 stainless steel and will not wear out.


Advantages of wedge wire screen products using in agricultural


-- Improve water coverage and conservation by eliminating clogged nozzles and gates.

-- Remove moss, weed seeds and debris from ditch water using existing checks and ditch diversions.

-- Low-maintenance technology tested by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

-- Cost effective, debris removal solutions for agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications.


UBO agriculture diversion screens remove moss, sticks, weed seed, and course sediment from your irrigation source water. This can prevent pumps, nozzles, and gated pipe from being plugged up and results in reduced operation and maintenance costs, greatly improving the efficiency of uniform water distribution.

UBO agriculture screens are available in a variety of configurations to meet diverse head conditions, site constraints, and inlet/outlet requirements. All our screens are self-cleaning and will not plug, even during the heaviest rainstorm and the resulting runoff. This results in lower operation and maintenance costs, with some customers have reported labor savings that paid for their screens in only two weeks.

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