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Why choose wedge wire screen panel as decoration

Why choosing wedge wire screen panel as decoration product

Stainless steel wedge wire is a new model of architectural decoration product. Mainly used as decorative cladding for covering and decoration of walls, columns and elevators. The profile wire grills can be fabricated in flat panels and tubes. Traditionally, the wedge wire is used as filter screen in various separation application in food and beverage, water treatment, water well screen, paper making and sand control.

Why do engineers and designers choose stainless steel wedge wire in high grade buildings or architectures?

Benefits of Using Wedge Wire as Decorative Claddings:

First, outstanding pattern, solid, long lasting and nice decorative grille. Stainless steel wedge wire screen panels are corrosion resistant, alkaline resistant, anti-aging decorative materials with accurate slot sizes. The slots are uniquely and uniformly arranged in fixed patterns that will hardly get deformed. This ensures a long time working life of the decorative cladding at the same time an appealing aesthetic view.

Secondly, the wedge wire can be electro-polished to achieve an additional surface hardening and brightening treatments.

Thirdly, Non Clogging Slots and Free Maintenance:

V shape openings that open toward the inside of tend to allow the dust or particles that are just barely smaller than the width of the slot pass. While in other shapes of openings, these particles would get caught in the screen and clog it. Thus these profile wire screens are non-clogging and self-cleaning. 

Fourthly, good ventilation and air flow. The special design of continuous profile wire Slots provides good vent. When was used for elevator and column cladding, the wedge wire flat screen offers good vent panels.

Major Usages of SS Wedge Wire:

-- Elevator covering grilles;

-- Decorative column cladding;

-- Architectural metal panels;

-- Facade decoration screen;

-- Wall cladding;

-- Shower room decoration.

-- Swimming pool grilles

-- Walkways, heating & air conditioning / acoustic Grilles

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