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  • catalyst support grid screen

    Catalyst support grid screens are wedge wire screen panels to support catalyst media. They are designed to securely hold catalyst particles within the reactor vessel....


  • wedge wire screen basket for coal screening

    Wedge wire screen baskets are made of vee wire profiles welded on support profiles. The distance between the surface grooves is accurately controlled to allow the formed filter liquor to flow through the V-shaped grooves and ensure the accurate size of the tracks reserves the desired particles....


  • wedge wire scallops for catalytic reforming

    Wedge wire scallops are an important component of radial flow reactors(catalytic reforming reactors). The scallops are evenly distributed along the container wall. They are designed to collect or distribute flow and gas....


  • what is a temporary strainer

    Temporary strainers are also referred to as temporary filters or startup strainers. The filter is generally installed on flushing piping systems to remove larger solid impurities from fluids....


  • resin trap function

    Resin traps are also referred to as media trap filters. They are filtration devices installed in pipelines or equipment to capture resin beads, sediments, or other contaminants present in fluids. ...


  • hydro sieve for solid and liquid separation

    The Hydro Sieve is a static screen designed for solid/liquid separation....


  • best centrifugal screen basket factory in china

    We can custom-design various types of centrifugal screen baskets. Understanding that different applications require different filtration capabilities, we offer customizable slot sizes ranging from ultra-fine to coarse. ...


  • mash tun false bottom oem design brewing equipment

    The mash tun false bottom, also known as the lautering equipment false bottom, is a crucial component of brewing equipment. It is designed to support the grains and allow the wort to flow smoothly in the beer brewing process....


  • static screener for mining

    The static screener for mining, also known as a mining vibrating screen or static screen, is designed to streamline the screening process in mining operations....


  • wedge wire header lateral for petrochemical

    Wedge wire header laterals also known as hub and header laterals are important components for petrochemicals. They play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and optimal output. ...


  • what does an intake screen mean

    Intake screens also known as water intake screens play a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of equipment, preventing damage, and maintaining the quality of products....


  • vee wire Johnson screen products

    Vee wire Johnson screens also known as wedge wire screens are crafted from V-shaped wires that are welded to supporting rods. The unique design of these screens allows for precise control over the size and shape of the openings, facilitating optimal filtration....


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