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  • how does a rotary drum screen work

    Through this article, we understand how a rotary drum screen work....


  • wedge wire filter

    YUBO can customize and design wedge wire filters for liquid, solid, and gas filtration. Email: sales@ubowedgewire.com...


  • pond sieve filter

    A pond sieve filter is an important piece of equipment for keeping the pond clean and healthy, protecting the healthy growth of fish and plants....


  • liquid distributor in packed columns

    The liquid distributor is an extremely critical internal part of the packed tower, which not only affects the mass transfer efficiency of the packing but also impacts the operating flexibility of the packing....


  • good wedge wire screen factories

    Wedge wire screens have become an increasingly popular industrial filtration solution and choice around the world. Choosing a good wedge wire screen factory is very important for product quality and filtration efficiency....


  • wedge wire screen intake

    Wedge wire screen intakes are also called passive intake systems or water intake screens. From shallow rivers to deep oceans, passive intake screen systems can meet the requirements of any site in the world....


  • tower internal for the chemical industry

    Tower internal is one of the important internal components in petrochemical, chemical, petroleum, and other industries. The purpose is to increase the efficiency of the process and ensure that the chemical product is of the highest quality. ...


  • support grid in the oil refining industry

    The support grid, also called catalyst bed support or catalyst hold elements, is the key equipment in the oil refining industry. It acts on the filtration of gases in catalyst processes....


  • slot water filter nozzle for the filtration system

    Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way to filter your water? If so, then a slot water filter nozzle could be the perfect solution for your filtration system....


  • welded wedge wire mash tun for brewing

    Welded wedge wire mash tuns are gaining popularity in the craft brewing industry because of their superior performance and durability. Welcome to contact us for custom! Email: sales@ubowedgewire.com...


  • scraper self-cleaning filter

    The scraper self-cleaning filter is our new product. For advice and custom scraper self-cleaning filters or filtration solutions please contact us directly for a quote. Email: sales@ubowedgewire.com...


  • wedge wire screen filtration in power plant

    Our wedge wire screen serves as a water intake screen widely used in power plants. It can help nuclear power plants clean water. And the wedge wire screen filtration is the first safeguard of clean waters....


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