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  • Coal Dewatering Filter Screen

    Fine coal constitutes a relatively small portion of a product stream in a coal cleaning plant. However, its processing cost is approximately three times higher than the cost of processing coarse coal. This problem can be solved by using the wedge wire screen filter....


  • Water Well Screen Introduce

    A well screen is a filtering device that serves as the intake portion of wells constructed in unconsolidated or semi-consolidated aquifers. ...


  • Why need to use wedge wire nozzle in industry

    The stainless steel wedge wire screen filter nozzle is the steam-water recoil device of the water distribution system at the bottom of the filter tank....


  • Filter Panels place in the world of industry

    The fundamental concept of filtration can be summarized as a relatively simple process wherein matter of varying sizes gets removed from the water or air....


  • Activated carbon filter screen

    Activated carbon filter screen, and wedge wire screen filter, wire mesh filter scree, ,we can customed it as your requirements....


  • Johnson Screen For Pharmaceutical Factory

    Pharmaceutical wastewater has gradually become one of the important pollution sources. filter elements and filtration solutions, please contact us to get more....


  • Resin Traps Prevent What

    Wedge Wire Resin traps are safety devices that prevent penetration of resins or solids into the pipe system....


  • Filtration That Use Wire Mesh and Wedge Wire Mesh

    We provide wire mesh for all types of filtration uses, including keeping pests out of unwanted areas to making sure dangerous animals are contained properly. One of the more popular uses for our wire mesh is for filtration....


  • Why Choose Wedge Wire as Filter Material

    In the modern industry, wedge wire is commonly used as a filter medium, so why choose wedge wire as a filter medium?...


  • Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen

    With wedge wire as screening media, the curved sieve bends can be used as pre-filters offering high capacity and cost-effective method of solids/liquids separation. It is also known as DSM static screen or gravity fed screen....


  • The similarity and difference of wedge wire screen tube and cylinder

    Compared with wedge wire screen tube, the wedge wire screen cylinder has some similarity and difference.,Do you know what are information, please click here....


  • Clean methods of the sintered filter element

    The sintered filter element can be regenerated by physical and chemical methods according to the pollution situation and the chemical properties of the contaminant combined with the physicochemical properties of the stainless steel....


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