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Wedge Wire Knowledge

  • The fuction of wedge wire screen filter

    Trapezoidal (wedge) wire in the filter on the application of the screen gap between the formation of V-shaped openings. Because of the inherent advantages of the set so that it can be more efficient than other forms of filtration products to operate, not only to ensure the smooth flow of water resources, and the efficiency of the wedge wire filter pipe flow is 3 times the bridge water pipe, Is cut pipe water pipe 9 times!...


  • Function of UBO Wedge Wire Screen Product

    UBO is specialized in producing and distributing wedge wire screen,v wire screen,Wedge Wire screen,Wedge Wire screen,slotted screen panel,etc....


  • The conditions of the pressure sieve and the factors that affect the sieving effect

    ,The operating pressure must be controlled between 0.2 ~ 0.4MPa, the pressure is high, the screening efficiency is also high, the production capacity is also large, the pressure is low, the screening efficiency is low, the production capacity is also low. Sieve when the feed dry matter content of about 17% of the first residue of the first screening of starch milk. 10-11BX, the SO2 content in the slurry should be between 0.035 and 0.045%....


  • Hydraulic sieve screen

    UBO is specialized in producing and distributing wedge wire screen,sieve bend,Filter Nozzle,centrifuge baskets,header-lateral etc. Welcome to contact us sales@ubowedgewire.com....


  • The Wedge Wire Screen Filter Applied in The Kieselguhr Filter Equipment

    The Kieselguhr filter, include the filter tank. The characteristic is there are entrance and exit in the filter panel of the kieselfuhr filter. And fix the drainage in the entrance and exit. There are the negative pressure groove at the surface of the filter panel. The groove are covered by the press cloth. The entrance are connected with the press cloth cavity, and the exit are connected with the groove....


  • The filter type of the wedge wire screen

    Outside filtering: Just as the name implies, the liquid flow from outside to inside. Due to the screen is made up by the wedge wire, the outside gap of the slot is welder than the inside, it is easy to filtering and washing....


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