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The Wedge Wire Screen Filter Applied in The Kieselguhr Filter Equipment

The Kieselguhr filter, include the filter tank. The characteristic is there are entrance and exit in the filter panel of the kieselfuhr filter. And fix the drainage in the entrance and exit. There are the negative pressure groove at the surface of the filter panel. The groove are covered by the press cloth. The entrance are connected with the press cloth cavity, and the exit are connected with the groove.

Kieselguhr filter is magnetized, fall solid, adsorption, antifreeze, ripening precision filter, Before using the kieselguhr filter, please add some kieselguhr, don’t let the filter idle. Infunde the wine, then turn on the filter machine, pressurized, and start to filter, if the wine become limpidity, vacuum filtration.

UBO filter company specialized produce wedge wire screen filter. The filter is the most important part of the kieselguhr filter. If the roundness is not perfect, the kieselguhr will not uniform, then the surface scraper cannot revolve. UBO supply you best filter, the min slot we can supply is 20 micron.

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