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Hydraulic sieve screen

Hydraulic sieve screen

The main part of the hydraulic sieve screen is made of wedge-shaped wire steel bar, which is precisely made of stainless steel arc or flat surface. The treated wastewater is evenly distributed through the overflow weir onto the inclined screen surface. As the surface of the screen is small and smooth, the back gap is large , The drainage is smooth and difficult to block; solid matter is interception, filtered water from the sieve plate gap in the flow, while under the action of water, solid material was pushed to the bottom of the sieve plate discharge, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation purposes.

The hydraulic sieve screen is composed of a moving sieve and a fixed screen. Sports sieve placed horizontally, was truncated conical. Water inlet in the small end of the moving sieve, waste water in the small end to the big end of the flow process, fiber and other impurities are trapped by the screen, and unloaded along the inclined surface to the fixed screen for further dehydration. The power of the hydraulic screen comes from the impact force and gravity of the influent water flow. Therefore, the water inlet of the hydraulic screen to maintain a certain pressure, and generally made of impervious material, rather than screen. The following are the same as the "

The hydraulic sieve screen can effectively reduce the concentration of suspended solids in water and reduce the processing load of the subsequent process. But also for industrial production for solid-liquid separation and recovery of useful substances, is an excellent filter or recovery of suspended solids, floats, sediment and other solid or colloidal substances without power equipment.

Hydraulic sieve screen

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