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The fuction of wedge wire screen filter

1. Trapezoidal (wedge) wire in the filter on the application of the screen gap between the formation of V-shaped openings. Because of the inherent advantages of the set so that it can be more efficient than other forms of filtration products to operate, not only to ensure the smooth flow of water resources, and the efficiency of the wedge wire filter pipe flow is 3 times the bridge water pipe, Is cut pipe water pipe 9 times!
2. The structural advantages of the wire tube. According to the actual needs of the design of the vertical support rod arrangement, and the screen of the continuity of the gap form, making the product with more
High compressive performance. T-shaped wire and all the longitudinal support rods are connected by welding connection, durable, longer working life cycle, low overall cost.
3. Filter tube gap range. Can be based on the actual needs of the gap in the range of 0.02mm-60mm between the size of any screen to meet the different application conditions.

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