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The filter type of the wedge wire screen

The filter type of the wedge wire screen

1.Outside filtering: Just as the name implies, the liquid flow from outside to inside. Due to the screen is made up by the wedge wire, the outside gap of the slot is welder than the inside, it is easy to filtering and washing.
2.Inside filtering: It is different from the outside filtering, the liquid flow from outside to inside.
The wedge wire screen is made by the V-shape stainless steel, the slot between each wedge wire is precise, it is easy to wash and water delivery.

The advantage of the Using the wedge wire

1. The consecutive slot increase the filter area, so it could touch more water.
2. The “V” profile structure will avoid blocking, and ensure smoth circulation.
3. The consecutive slot could be used for a long time.
4. The structure of the wedge wire screen is solid, the slot is accurate and high prosity.
5. The wedge wire screen is easy to be washed, solid and long lifespan, so it could help to reduce the comprehensive cost

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