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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a false bottom screen

    A false bottom is kind of a screen that aids in separating the sweet wort from the mash / grains. A false bottom is usually a round piece of metal with lots of little holes drilled in it. It sits at the bottom of your mash tun, and is either curved or has legs that allow it to sit an inch or so above the bottom of the mash tun.,...


  • What is a self-cleaning filter

    The self-cleaning filter is a widely used equipment in the water treatment industry. Its simple design and good performance make the sewage achieve the best filtration effect....


  • Models of Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is often classified according to the state of the organization: martensitic steel, ferritic steel, austenitic steel, austenitic-ferritic (duplex) stainless steel, and precipitation hardened stainless steel....


  • Filtration of lauter tun equipment

    Lautering is the process of separating sweet wort from mashed grain. Most homebrewers mash and lauter in the same vessel, a combination mash-and-lauter tun (MLT), while large commercial breweries usually pump the mash to a dedicated lauter tun, thus making the mash tun available to start a new brew....


  • What are the advantages of wedge wire screens

    Wedge wire screen widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, food, salt, environmental protection and other industries. Screen liquid, powder and other materials. It can be used together with deep well pump and submersible pump, and can also be used for water treatment equipment, environmental protection, seawater conversion to industrial water and domestic water desalination treatment...


  • Method of cleaning stainless steel wedge wire welded pipe

    Stainless steel wedge wire welded pipes are often used in the fields of construction, automobiles, decoration, etc., ...


  • Stainless steel products really will not rust

    Stainless steel products really will not rust? This answer is NO....


  • Wedge wire slot mesh conversion table

    All wedge wire screen variants are wleays manufactured according to the requirements of our customers and /or after corresponding technical consulation. As a reslut, we can always comply with corresponding flexibility and, if requred, our wedge wire screen can be manufactured with corresponding reinforcement....


  • Commonly used price terms based on sea transportation

    UThe same point and difference of FOB CIF CFR,What they have in common is: 1. Both apply only to shipping and inland shipping, and do not apply to other modes of transportation. 2. The place of delivery is at the port of shipment, that is, the seller completes the delivery at the port of shipment. In particular, note that the CIF term is delivered at the port of shipment, not at the port of destination. 3. The boundaries of risk transfer are the same, and the risk is that the goods are transported to the importer at the port of shipment. 4, are symbolic delivery....


  • Payment by L/C

    An irrevocable Letter of Credit is also an often used payment method. It is often referred to an L/C. Letters of Credit are formal payment methods that offer a lot of protection to the parties....


  • what is the wedge wire screen

    The conception and adbantage of wedge wire screen,and it can be supplied various shapes and forms according to requirements....


  • Chart of common mesh mesh size and wedge wire screen slot size

    Different wire mesh size is used in different field,and it is also different in different country such as British,the US and Janpan....


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