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Stainless steel products really will not rust

Stainless steel products really won't rust? This answer is NO.

The main material of stainless steel wedge wire screen products is stainless steel. Although the name of stainless steel does not seem to rust, many people have experience in using stainless steel wedge wire screen products for more than ten years. No rust. This depends on the specific materials of stainless steel products. Stainless steel is also available in many different types, just like the commonly used 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel. These different materials have different contents of nickel, chromium and manganese, and the ability to resist rust is also It is different.

The stainless steel raw materials used in stainless steel wedge wire screen products actually have a lot of iron elements, so they are not easy to rust because they contain a lot of chromium, nickel, titanium and so on. These raw materials have a good anti-rust function when added to the element, which forms a protective film-passive film to prevent stainless steel from rusting. However, these metals are particularly expensive, and it is often rare to use these metals to make products directly. Stainless steel can fuse these elements together, it has a strong rust resistance, and the price is very cheap.

Since stainless steel products really rust, what do we need to pay attention to? Can prevent it from rusting? First, when we customize stainless steel products, we should determine the appropriate material according to the use environment. If the equipment is often in the sea, use 316 to hold it. If it is outdoors, 304 will be better, indoors are not wet, do not touch acid and alkaline solvents, you can directly use 201 stainless steel, after all, the price is relatively lower. In addition, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent when daily cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel products is required.

Stainless steel products are not easy to rust, not rust, so we must remember. Most of the stainless steel products are rusted. For example, if the material of 201 is used for a long time in some acid-alkaline environment, it will not rust for a long time. 304 is better, but the concentration is higher or it will rust. 316 can be said to be a very good model in stainless steel products. It is usually used in various medical equipment because it is not easy to rust, and it is very corrosive and can be used in many harsh medical environments. It takes a long time and does not produce harmful substances.

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