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What are the advantages of wedge wire screens

Features of the wedge screen:
1. Easy to leak, wear and corrosion.
2. The cross section of the mesh is trapezoidal; the gap is narrow and wide; the screen is even; the opening ratio is high; it is a cold-rolled stainless steel wire, which has long service life, high strength, rigidity and load carrying capacity.
3. It can be made into rigid screening filter devices of various shapes. Such as plate shape, tubular shape, curved sieve, sieve basket and the like.

The usage of the wedge screen:

Widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, food, salt, environmental protection and other industries. Screen liquid, powder and other materials. It can be used together with deep well pump and submersible pump, and can also be used for water treatment equipment, environmental protection, seawater conversion to industrial water and domestic water desalination treatment, tap water treatment, water softening treatment, petrochemical industry: terminal filtration of petroleum products And chemical acid, alkali liquid filtration, alcohol and other organic solutions for recycling, can also be used for hydrogeological exploration, drilling, sinking, construction, reservoir precipitation, foundation deep excavation, geothermal development and utilization, mineral water development and utilization, geothermal air conditioning , repairing bad wells, taking water from groundwater sources. Such as: slit sieves - mining, coal, agriculture, salt and so on. Filter tubes - oil sand control, drilling fluid purification, hydrogeological exploration, etc.

What are the advantages of wedge wire screens

What are the advantages of wedge wire screens

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