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  • What is the difference between a mash tun and Lauter tun?

    Lautering refers to the process of separating sweet wort from the grain bed. In commercial breweries, the mash is frequently pumped from the mash tun to a dedicated lauter tun, freeing the mash tun for a new brew. Home brewers typically mash and lauter in the same vessel, called a mash-lauter tun, or MLT.Stainless steel wedge wire screens provide a false bottom in a lauter tun in many craft beer breweries. The lauter tun screen is necessary for a proper separation process....


  • Features of Wedge Wire Screen Lateral Systems

    UBO Header and Hub-Lateral Systems can be custom designed from customer¡±s specified conditions which includes vessel¡±s inside diameter, volumetric flow rate, allowable pressure drop, resin/media to be retained and minimum open area to list. UBO employees always work closely with customer during the design and engineering stage to deliver qualified screen laterals. ...


  • Flat Screens for Malting and Brewing Industries

    Wedge wire screen flat screens are widely used in the kilning, germination and drying phases of the malting process, UBO¡¯s malting bed screens are ideal solution for malting floors and other screening requirements in the malting process....


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    UBO is specialized in producing and distributing wedge wire screen,lauter tun screens,sieve bend screen,sieve plate screen,water strainer&nozzle,screen nozzles,centrifuge screens and baskets,header-lateral etc. email:0086-311-83289301...


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