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What Can V Wire Screens Do

V-Wire screens are also known as wedge wire and profile wire screens and have the distinct advantage of having a smoother surface. This makes the v wire screen resistant to clogs, as well as lending it a greater degree of strength, structurally speaking.

UBO products a V wire screen that is a highly advanced form of screening material, making it suitable for a number of applications where trouble-free filtration and screening is of the utmost importance. This smooth-profile form of screen can be used for cleaning and drying applications as well.

The smooth profile and enhanced strength of V-wire screens come from their design. The wire has a wedge or V-shaped profile, giving it the name of V-wire. To fashion a screen, the wire is wrapped around vertically placed support rods; each junction of the support rod and wire is then welded together to increase the strength of the resulting screen.

This is also a very versatile design; the design can be fully customized for any application depending on the number and placement of the support rods and wires, along with changing the size of the openings between the rods and wires.

What shapes can be adapted to?

No matter what shape your wire filtration need demands, chances are good a v wire screen can be fabricated in the exact specifications you need. Many common shapes include cylindrical, semi-cylindrical, flat panel, tubes and baskets, sieve bend screen, resin trap, head laterals, and others.

Can V-wire screens be used for different filtration directions?

Whether you need an inside to out or outside to in direction of filtration, the V-wire screen can be designed to support your specific requirements.

Advatanges of V Wire Screen Products

-- smooth surfaces


-- decreased hydraulic resistance


-- high filtration accuracy


-- easily resists clogging


-- tight tolerances


-- increased filter surface


-- easy, trouble-free operation, including backwashing

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