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  • Wedge Wire False Bottom in Lauter Tun

    Lauter Tun is a vessel for separating the wort from the solids of the mash. A lauter tun works much like a large sieve. It normally has a slotted, perforated floor, also called a false bottom, which holds the spent milled grains, while allowing the wort to filter through the grain bed and collect in the space beneath; the wort then runs to the brew kettle. False bottom is an important part for a Lauter Tun. wedge wire false floor allows the purification of the beer. As all the slot of false bottom is very narrow and accurate to allow solid away from the liquid. And there is no block with the outstanding structure....


  • Wedge Wire Screen False Bottom in Lauter Tun

    Lauter comes from the German word abl&228;utern, meaning roughly ˇ°to rinse offˇ± or purify. Lautering refers to the process of separating sweet wort from the grain bed. In commercial breweries, the mash is frequently pumped from the mash tun to a dedicated lauter tun, freeing the mash tun for a new brew. Homebrewers typically mash and lauter in the same vessel, called a mash-lauter tun, or MLT. The key piece of equipment that enables a mash tun to do double duty as a lauter tun is the false bottom, screen, manifold, or braid....


  • Applications of Wedge Wire Screen Products

    Wedge wire screen products are widely used in the following: 1) Parts for machinery such as strainers, centrifugal separators, dewaterers and vibrating screens.2) Intake of river water and sea water. 3)Supporting of activated charcoal, ion exchange resin, catalysts, filtering media and so forth.4)Prevention of carriers from flowing out.5)Strainersˇ± elements.,...


  • Applications of Wedge Wire Screen Panels

    Flat wedge screen are also known as Wedge wire screen Panels. It is made from V shaped profile wires and support rods. The materials are low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire and so on. This kind of wedge wire can replace the wire mesh cloth, perforated plate and other metal materials as components for rotary screen, quarry screen. ...


  • Wedge Wire Screen Products in Mineral Processing

    UBO screens offers kinds of sieve bends, flat panels and centrifuge baskets to suit customer requirement....


  • UBO produces varieties of wedge wire screen products

    UBO manufacture all kind shapes of wedge wires: Welded Wedge Wire Screen, Flat Wedge Screen Panel, Water Well Screen, V Wire screen Plate, VEE Wire Cylinders, V wire Screen, Sieve Bend Screen, Wedge Wire Screen Basket, Screen Support Grids, Wedge Wire Screen Nozzle Filter, Profile Screen Lateral, Header laterals, Hub Laterals, False bottom for Lauter Tuns, Centrifuge Basket, Resin Traps, etc....


  • Two Basic Types of Screens

    UBO is specialized in producing wedge wire screen panel,v wire screen plate,johnson screen panel,v wire screen,vee wire screen,wire slotted screen,wire welded screen....


  • Why Using Wedge Wire Screen Filter Nozzles?

    Wedge wire nozzles are effective in a wide range of water treatment and other industrial applications for filtering and screening. Such as, under drain media retention elements, flow distributors in demineralizers, water softeners in pressure and gravity sand filters....


  • How to Choose Wedge Wire Screen Cylinders for Water Well

    Wedge wire screen cylinder is widely used in water filtering in well. It can prevent soil or rocks particles getting into the pipe to protect the pumping hole. Besides, the pipe is ideal for protecting the wall especially in loose layer or broken bedrock aquifer.When choosing wedge wire screen products for your applications in Water Well, you might considering of quality, engineered design, efficiency, life span, etc....


  • What is the working principle of the filter nozzle

    Introduction to the working principle of filter nozzle...


  • Why use wedge wire screen products in various fields

    Wedge wire is a welded steel structure, mainly used for filtration, separation and retention media....


  • why wedge wire screen is widely used in many filtration application

    The wedge wire screen is widely used in many filtration and separation fields...


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