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Applications of Wedge Wire Screen Products

Wedge Wire Screen Nozzle Filter is widely used in ion exchange vessel, water softening plant, sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, activated carbon tanks, power plant, sugar mill, etc.


Wedge Wire Cylinder is widely used in coal processing, mineral beneficiation, gold mine, iron ore, aggregate, sand and gravel, abrasives, cement, clay, pulp and paper, wood, steel-coke, architectural, edible oil, water treatment, aquaculture, etc. 


UBO supplies several different types of wedge wire baskets, including reversed type, reverse axial and inverted wrap, etc.


Sieve Bend Screens are widely used in Mineral Processing, coal washing plants, abattoirs, breweries, canneries, dairies, fish processing, fruit juice processes, piggeries, pulp and paper mills, sewage treatment, sugar mills, tanneries, coal mining & quarrying, cement, industrial & Urban, effluent Treatment, corn starch, DSM equipment.


Wedge Wire Screen Pipes are widely used in oil industry, power engineering industry, water treatment, wastewater treatment, etc.


False bottoms are widely used in Lauter tun, mash tun, boiling kettle, whirlpool, fermentation tank, bright tank, hot water tank, beer brewery, beer equipment, Sugar industry, Chemical and potassium industry, Breweries, Food industry (extraction of coffee or tea).


Wedge Wire Screen Baskets are widely used in coal industry, corn starch, food industry for coffee / tea extraction, general mining industry, chemical and potassium industry, etc.


Profile Screen Header Laterals and Hub Laterals are widely used in water treatment, ion exchange vessels, power plant, etc.

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