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Applications of Wedge Wire Screen Panels

Flat wedge screen are also known as Wedge wire screen Panels. It is made from V shaped profile wires and support rods. The materials are low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire and so on. This kind of wedge wire can replace the wire mesh cloth, perforated plate and other metal materials as components for rotary screen, quarry screen.

Flat wedge wire screening offers a perfect flat and smooth surface with the regular opening. Compared to sieve bend screen, flat wedge wire screen can be designed to maximize the open area, strength to suit for any application.

Advantages of Wedge Wire Screen Panel

Flat and smooth surface.

Outstanding filtering performance.

Accurate distance between supporting profile.

Welded production process for solid and strong structure.

Good mechanical properties.

High strength.

High load capacity.

Corrosion and rust resistance.

Temperature resistance.

Specification of Flat wedge wire screen:

Material: stainless steel or as your request

Support profile type: round bar, rectangular bar, wedge wire, triangle wire.

Slot size: 0.05 mm - 10 mm.

Pitch: 10 mm - 35 mm.

Panel width: 500 mm - 2000 mm.

Panel length: 500 mm - 3000 mm.


Applications of wedge wire screen panels

The flat wedge screens have the round type, square type, rectangular type. The detailed specification of profile wire and support rod can be supplied as special application.

Wedge wire screen panels have a wide range of applications, the main applications are sieving and filtration. It 

solves the problems of solid / liquid and solid / gas separation, filtration of oils, greases, paints, food products, water, fuels, liquid cooling agents, chemicals.

Vibrating screen decking.

Surface water intake screens.

Fish diversion screen panels.

Hatchery screens.

Grain drying screen.

Malt kin or germination floors.

Decorative materials.

Floor Grates to cover water run off drains in driveways, car parks, shopping centers, etc.


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