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How to Choose Wedge Wire Screen Cylinders for Water Well

Wedge wire screen cylinder is widely used in water filtering in well. It can prevent soil or rocks particles getting into the pipe to protect the pumping hole. Besides, the pipe is ideal for protecting the wall especially in loose layer or broken bedrock aquifer.

When choosing wedge wire screen products for your applications in Water Well, you might considering of quality, engineered design, efficiency, life span, etc. UBO understands your water & wastewater treatment process and offers high quality screening products with precise specification to fulfill your application needs. We have a deeply understanding of coarse solids removal, media retention and solids dewatering applications. Our dedicated teams keep in mind that slot precision is vital when talking about water wells, water treatment, or dewatering. We also realized that maintenance(repairing, replacing or cleaning) in these applications should be minimal to save time and costs. 

Considering the above factors, you need wedge wire screens with exact specifications which can withstand the rigors of a particular application for a longer time. Wedge Wire Screens can meet your demands. They are mainly made from stainless steel 304 or 316. The finished products are stronger and easy to clean. Also it boasts high performance during work. UBO Wedge Wire Screen Cylinders are available in diameters ranging from 20 mm to 6000mm. The slot openings, wire shapes and sizes can be customized. 

If you have any problems relating about water filtering, please do not hesitate to communicate with our team. We are always glad to hear from you. 

Background Information: UBO is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial wedge wire screen, wedge baskets, filter nozzle, resin traps and profile screen laterals in Hebei, China. 

The mainly products including: wedge wire screen panels, wedge wire cylinders, wedge wire screen baskets, sieve bent screens, filter nozzles, resin traps, profile screen laterals, etc. 

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