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The mash tun false bottom, also known as the lautering equipment false bottom, is a crucial component of brewing equipment. It is designed to support the grains and allow the wort to flow smoothly in the beer brewing process.

We can design various types and sizes of mash tun false bottoms for beer brewing to enhance the efficiency, clarity, and quality of the brew.
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wedge wire false bottom manufacturer

Understanding Mash Tun False Bottoms

A false bottom is a perforated or slotted plate that sits above the bottom of the mash tun. Its primary function is to filter out solid particles from the liquid wort, allowing the clear liquid to pass through to the next stage of brewing while retaining the spent grain above. The effectiveness of a false bottom is crucial to prevent clogs in the brewing system, ensure efficient lautering, and contribute to the overall quality of the beer.


Stainless steel wedge wire lauter tun screen for beer equipment false bottom

Innovations in Mash Tun False Bottom OEM Design

1. Material Advancements: Modern false bottoms are made from high-quality materials like 304 stainless steel, which is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.
2. Improved Perforation Patterns: The efficiency of a false bottom is significantly influenced by the size, shape, and distribution of its perforations. We are utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other modeling techniques to optimize these patterns, ensuring maximum clarity and filtration efficiency without sacrificing flow rate.
3. Customization and Scalability: With the diverse needs of breweries in mind, We now offer custom-designed false bottoms that fit any mash tun size or shape.
4. Enhanced Lautering Efficiency: Innovations in false bottom design are focused on improving lautering efficiency. This includes the development of tapered designs and specialized flow channels that help in more efficient wort separation and reduce the risk of stuck sparges.

Various types of mash tun false bottoms are available. Click here: Mash Tun False Bottom/Lauter Tun Screen




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YUBO Company is the professional supplier in China. It is always committed to study, design and produce wedge wire screen products for industry filter.Now its products include wedge wire screen panel, filter nozzle, cylinder,basket,pipe, Sieve Bend Screen,Profile Screen Laterals,etc.

What Is wedge wire screen

Wedge Wire Screens is a sieve made from looped wires formed into a deep wedge-shaped section. The wedge wire screens can be supplied in various shapes and forms as FLAT PANELS, CURVED SIEVE BENDS, CONICAL BASKETS, CYLINDERS, TROUGHS DISKS either in one one piece or in segments.

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