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What is Resin Trap

What is Resin Trap ?

The trap is a Filter Basket type with fine filteration upto 0.2 mm (200 microns) with more filterration area.The strainer can be installed in backwash line before the drain manhole.Vira make traps are disigned in corrosion resistant alloy steel material to take care of PH values.of flushed water containing slipped resin granuals.


Why Resin Trap ?

Resin Traps / Media Traps are essential protection devices for water treatment systems.Vira supplies resin traps / media traps for water lines to protect against complete loss of ionexchange resin, activated carbon media, filter media, greensand media, sand, and multimediafrom an underdrain, lateral or strainer failure.


A resin trap is used on service outlet and backwash lines on:

1.  Cation, anion, mixed bed, and selective ion exchange resin systems
2.  Commercial and industrial water softeners
3.  Activated carbon filters
4.  Greensand, multimedia, sand, anthracite, etc. media filters.

The resin trap holds back escaping media at the onset of a failure. Visual monitoring will alert the operator to underdrain, lateral or strainer damage prior to catastrophic failure and extensive loss of media. An unmonitored resin/media trap will collect the ion exchange or media in the resin trap until the water flow is completely blocked, but it will still protect the downstream product, process, equipment and/or pumps from damage and contamination.

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