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Processing Principle and Structure of Wedge Wire Screen Pressure Sieve Bend Screen


The pressure sieve is a high efficiency sieve that is sieved by pressure wetting. It consists of sieve, sieve box, feeding device and outlet. The screen surface is the key part of the pressure song screen. It is made of stainless steel sieve sieve. The wet material is sprayed from the nozzle opening at 0.2-0.4 MPa pressure. There is a high feeding rate of the feed to produce tangential force. Triangular sieve wedge to form a knife edge in order to wipe the material into a layer of books, so that water and fine materials evenly dispersed, the so-called "scraping" role, is to make the material easy to grade, and the entire screen surface is essential from the Clean up. Sieve material from the slag discharge, sieve out into the pulp out of the mouth.


Processing principle and structure of wedge wire screen pressure sieve bend screen

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