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Wedge Wire false bottom-preferred choice SCREENS for the breweries/beverage industry

How is false bottom constructed in lauter tun?

The false bottom is installed in the Lauter tun to provide support for the grain bed during the mashing process and to retain the spent grain after runoff is complete. During the runoff, however, most of the separation of wort from grains occurs in the grain bed itself. Ideally, the grain bed floats several inches above the false bottom(30-40cm).in larger vessels, the false bottom is constructed as a series of wedge wire(stainless steel) plates that fit together to cover the entire area of the vessel bottom. smaller vessels may have only two such plates. the design of the slots in the false bottom is important. They must be narrow enough to prevent large particles from passing through yet wide enough not to become blocked and prevent flow altogether. It is a good idea for the slots or holes to be wider on the under-side than on the top side to prevent particles that pass through the screen from plugging the gaps.

The wedge wire false bottom has been established as the ideal construction to allow the lautering process to occur properly and efficiently. A wedge wire screen is constructed from “V”-shaped stainless steel pieces, set across support beams at regular intervals. And other slot opening dimensions can be used depending on specific requirements.

Wedge Wire false bottom-preferred choice SCREENS for the breweries/beverage industry

The lauter tun wedge wire screen allows the solid grain components of the mash to act as a filter to separate the wort. Wedge wire screen enables the most effective filtration to occur by supporting the grain, which itself becomes the filtering medium — holding back the smallest solids while allowing the wort to pass. A high-quality, tight tolerance construction is necessary to help ensure that the process occurs correctly and uniformly so that the resulting product — whether beer, liquor, or wine — is not bittered or otherwise compromised by components that shouldn’t be part of the wort.

The unique “V” profile of the wire components ensures that solids stay where they belong — while enabling filtration and proper flow for easy extraction for recirculation, turbidity testing and, eventually, boiling. So when it comes to brewing or distilling, wedge wire screens are the preferred, state-of-the-art construction for false bottoms.

Our factory produces wedge wire lauter tun screens for breweries, distilleries, and wineries industry.

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