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Dewatering Screen Panel

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Dewatering Screen PanelDewatering Screen PanelDewatering Screen Panel

Dewatering Screen Panel

Category:Wedge Wire Screen Panel
Material:stainless steel
Properties:wedge wire screen
Application:water filtration,oil filtration,industry filtration

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Details of Dewatering Screen Panel

Dewatering screen panel can be used in a variety of applications ranging from classifying to recovering usable products that would end up in sewer line to capturing solids from effluents.

A continuous slot screen sieve bend gives you a great amount of open area, is significantly more affordable and requires less maintenance than vibrating or rotary drum options. 

It's made of support rod and wire , wire shape is normally triangle wire ,support rode shape could be triangle wire, round wire , cuboid wire. Also it could be as per your requirement. 

Features of Dewatering Screen Panel

External drive, with vee-belts or cardan shafts.

Oilbath oscillators, with synchronising gears and oil leaks.

Motor support stand, or overhead structure for motor support.

Snubbers - the screen-mounted drive has eliminated the need for snubbers to reduce damage to vee-belts and external motors during the large oscillations that normally occur during stopping.

Bearing failure is limited to the bearing itself. Particles from a failed bearing cannot circulate in an oilbath and cause possible damage to other bearings and synchronising gears.

Campactness - screens can be positioned very closely with a minimum of space wastage.

A vibrator motor needing reconditioning can easily be exchanged for a standby unit, with a minimum of downtime.

Due to the absence of gears and vee-belts, the units use less power than conventional drives.

Applications of Dewatering Screen Panel

-- Mineral processing;

-- Hatchery screens ;

-- Food processing ;

-- Surface water intake screens ;

-- Fish diversion screen panels ;

-- Vibrating or static screen decking ;

-- Flooring for malt kiln, germination, and grain drying. 

Dewatering screen panel

Specifications of Dewatering Screen Panel:

Length:max 6 meter.

Width:as your reauest

wedge wire : 1.5*2mm 2*3mm , also could be as per your requirement

support wire: 2*3mm 3*5mm 4*6mm, also could be as per your requirement

slot size: min 0.02mm

supporting wire space , length , width as per your requirement .

material: stainless stee

Packaging and Transportation of Dewatering Screen Panel:

Package: in wood case

Delivery Time:5-25 days. 

Orders and Returns

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