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Usage and Scope of Resin Trap

The resin catcher is used as a supplementary device for ion exchanger to prevent the leakage of water from the water outlet device and to prevent the leakage of the resin into the desalting water system, so as to ensure the normal operation and use of the following equipment. It has small volume and high recovery efficiency.


On the water system piping near the outlet of the resin containing equipment such as an ion exchanger, a filter with a pore diameter smaller than that of the resin (resin catcher) is provided, and the flushing function is provided. When the resin passes through, the filter screen can be intercepted and captured, and the resin can be discharged automatically through the pressure difference between the front and the back.


The resin trap device has the characteristics of small volume and high recovery efficiency. T - shaped filter element can be automatically cleaned and recycled online, with good safety and reliability. The product has no two pollution and so on, the application of our products can greatly reduce the downstream process of the production of the equipment downtime, thus a strong guarantee system and equipment safety. Especially for the continuous automatic production of petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industries, the purification and fluidization process control by filtration, separation, and enhance the downstream products quality, production efficiency, resources and energy utilization.

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