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Water treatment basics

Water treatment basics

1 What do you know about pretreatment equipment?
Pre-treatment equipment: mechanical filters, high efficiency fiber filters, activated carbon filters, precision filters, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, sodium ion softener, in addition to iron and manganese filters, dosing device, the original water tank, aeration tank .

2 What do you know about pre-desalination equipment?
Pre-desalting equipment, electrodialysis device, reverse osmosis device.

3 What do you know about deep desalination equipment?
Deep desalination equipment has anion exchanger, cation exchanger, mixed ion exchanger, distillation device, EDI device

4 you know what the general process?

Boiler Make - up Water System Technology

Pretreatment + softener
Pretreatment + cation exchanger + carbon removal + anion exchanger
Pretreatment + Electrodialysis + Cation Exchanger + Carbon Eliminator + Anion Exchanger Pretreatment + Electrodialysis + Mixed Ion Exchanger
Pretreatment + reverse osmosis + addition to carbon dioxide + cation exchange + anion exchanger + PH value adjustment

Pretreatment + reverse osmosis + mixed ion exchange + PH value adjustment
Reverse osmosis + cation exchange + anion exchanger + cation exchanger + anion exchanger + mixed ion exchanger + PH value

Pharmaceutical water system technology

Pretreatment + cation exchange + anion exchanger + mixed ion exchange + microfiltration
Pretreatment + electrodialysis + cation exchange + anion exchanger + mixed ion exchange + ultrafiltration

Pretreatment + reverse osmosis + cation exchange + anion exchanger + mixed ion exchange + ultrafiltration

Pure water system process

Distillation device
Precision filter + reverse osmosis + sterilization? Precision filter + electrodialysis + sterilization
Mechanical filter + precision filter + electrodialysis + sterilization

Life cited water system technology

Mechanical filters

Precision filter + electrodialysis

Aeration + iron and manganese removal

5 precision filter is how to choose? There are several ways filter?

Precision filter selection and total water volume is complete, according to the total amount of water to select the diameter of the precision filter. For 40 "5um filter accuracy of the filter, a single water production roughly 2m3 / h. Filter types are generally polypropylene filter, honeycomb filter, spray-melt filter, folding filter, etc.

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