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Trust Filter Concept for superior quality of new generation high flow cartridge filter solutions

Industrial filters are significant and crucial equipment widely employed in the manufacturing industry for the purification of raw materials, assistance in process isolation as well as decreasing process downtime.

UBO filter element company designed cartridge filters specifically for industrial manufacturers.

Cartridge filters are fundamental industrial equipment employed in multiple industries. They are widely used in various industries for pre as well as final filtration processes with massive flow rates.

Filter cartridges are made of wedge wire mesh and are placed in filter housing for the purpose of purification. Contaminated fluid enters the housing and is distributed evenly around filter cartridges. Filtration takes place from inside to outside. Solids are collected on the inside of filter cartridges and the clear filtrate is collected at outlet.

High flow cartridge filters are low-cost & low manpower equipment.

The filter element pipe has a flow pattern inside that ensures all particles are intercepted and hence filtered effectively. They have a long life and are usually a low investment product that requires lesser manpower.


High filtration area and higher flow throughput

The higher capacity of holding dirt and longer service life

Consist of high depth fine non-woven fabrics which results in higher dirt holding capacity and filtration efficiency


Desalination of seawater

Chemical and oil industry

Food and beverage industry

Treating steel mill water

Effluent treatment plants

UBO filter is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial filters, cartridge filters, wedge wire screen panel, and wedge wire pipe,etc. we have been pioneers in advanced filtration and providers of separation solutions with a customer-focused, quality-driven approach. 

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