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Structure and Working Principle of Trommel Screen

Structure and Working Principle of Trommel Screen

Trommel main motor, reducer, roller units, racks, closures, material inlet and outlet components. Tilt cylinder device is mounted on the rack. The drum motor through a reduction means connected together by coupling the drive roller means rotatable about its axis. When the material into the drum unit, due to the inclination and rotation of the drum unit, flip the material and the rolling surface of the screen, so that qualified materials (undersize product) through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum is discharged, substandard materials (sieve product) by the end of the roller discharge discharge port. As the material within the drum flip, scroll, so that the card material in the meshes can be ejected, to prevent clogging of the sieve.

Features of Trommel Screen:

1) sieve clogging.

2) smooth operation, low noise.

3) simple structure, easy maintenance.

4) sieve cartridge can be closed, sealed dust collection easy.

5) whole high reliability, less time investment.

6) using a special screen, high efficiency, long service life.

Scope of Trommel Screen:

Suitable screening various properties of materials and light gray base chemical industries; coal industry coke, lime and other wet material easy to plug the sieve maximum product <100mm, the middle of 10 ~ 50mm, the smallest up to <= 3mm less.


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