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What is situation would be used the lauter tun screen

Brewing beer requires a lot of steps before the final product can be achieved. One of the important steps in brewing beer is mashing. Mashing refers to the hot water steeping process. It is necessary not only in hydrating the grains but also activating the malt enzymes so that the grain starches are converted to fermentable sugars. Without the process of mashing, the grain bills will not produce enough sugar for the liquid wort to ferment.

There are two methods of mashing and these include (1) infusion and (2) decoction. While the former involves the grains heated in one vessel, the latter involves boiling a proportion of grains and returning them to the mash then raising the temperature at certain increments. While the former can be done in ordinary brew kettles, the latter needs to be done in insulated brewing containers with false bottoms called mash tuns. (more info below)

Whats is situation would be used the lauter tun screen


False Bottom with Legs

Lautering and sparging are two critical steps in brewing beer. They involve separating the clear wort from the mash as well as getting the sugar from the grain bill. This process is done in separately in a mash tun and lauter tun but most home brewers improvise by using a combined mash-lauter tun.

One of the most important elements in a mash and lauter tun is the false bottom. This particular accessory allows the clear wort to collect at the bottom of the brew pot before it is drained through the spigot. Since it looks like a mesh, the grains do not pass through it thus you end up getting a clear wort.

False bottoms come in different designs and dimensions. This wedge wire false bottom with legs is constructed from a 304 heavy-duty stainless steel making it very durable.

This particular false bottom features legs to create a 2 1/2" clearance from the bottom of the pot. This clearance allows more liquid to settle at the bottom of the pot for faster drainage. Aside from the legs, it also features a handle to make it easier to insert and remove the false bottom. This is necessary in order to clean the false bottom.

Brewer's Grade False Bottom with Legs

This 304 stainless steel false bottom is perfect for converting your compatible kettle or pot into a mash tun. It has a fixed handle and legs bolted on, keeping the false bottom elevated and simple to insert or remove. It has a thicker gauge and better build compared to Anvil and spot welded false bottoms, and as such is ideally suited for heavy use.

Whats is situation would be used the lauter tun screen

        Whats is situation would be used the lauter tun screen   Whats is situation would be used the lauter tun screen  

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