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What is Wedge Wire Support Grids

The wedge wire screen support grid system is available in an a variety of framing options and designs — as a one-piece construction or in multiple sections for onsite assembly and ease of retrofitting through existing manways.


Application of Support Grid


Due to their strength, durability and flow features, the support grids are widely used in many areas: aggregate, dewatering, chemical application include fertilizer, mining application and hydrotreaters, desulfurizers, molecular sieves, gas sweeteners, ion exchangers and other absorption systems.


Features of Support Grids


-- Slot size can be designed for direct media retention

-- Grids can be supplied with support beams, rope packing, bolting and all necessary accessories


Benefits of Support Grids


1) Self-supporting structure

2) Exceptional resistance to collapsing or buckling, even in operations where screens must withstand extremely high loads

3) More effective open area than grids using wire mesh or grating

4) Smooth surface of the screens reduces abrasion of media 

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