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What are the tips for cleaning the Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel

The Flat Wedge Wire Screen Panel is different from ordinary mesh products in that it has a strict mesh size instead of "mesh number". The size of the screen is not isolated. It consists of a series of mesh sizes for the purpose of hierarchical screening. The screen is woven with metal wire or fiber wire, and the aperture is 0.15 ~ 1mm. It can remove and recover different types and small suspended matter. Screen separation has the advantages of simple and low operating costs. Generally used for small-scale wastewater treatment. There are many types of screens. The two main types are vibrating screens and hydraulic screens.
Use a cloth strip soaked in alcohol to gently wipe the dirt to remove it (alcohol should be used for medical alcohol with a concentration of not less than 75%). After soaking the stain in cold water, apply some toothpaste on the flat wedge wire screen panels, rub a small amount of soap and gently rub it. If there are any traces, wipe it with alcohol. You can use shampoo to soak the dirt, then dilute the white vinegar with water, and gently scrub with a brush dipped in the solution to remove dirt.

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