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What are the factors that affect the screening of Wedge Wire Screen Panel

Wedge Wire Screen Panel, also known as porous plate, has good wear resistance, long service life, moisture resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for ore washing, screening, dehydration, and other mechanical industries. So what are the factors that affect the sieve plate screening?
1. Length and width of Wedge Wire Screen Panel
The width of the sieve plate determines the processing capacity of the screening machine. If the passing capacity of the material with the width of the sieve plate is large, the length of the sieve plate determines the screening efficiency. The longer the sieve plate is, the longer the time for the material to pass the screening is, the more thorough the screening is. However, the longer the screening face does not significantly improve the screening efficiency, but only the extra size of the screening machine is lengthened.
2. The shape of Wedge Wire Screen Panel and sieve hole
According to the size of screening, the selection of different sieve plates and screens is the key to improve screening efficiency. Whether the sieve plates or screens are selected, they must be tightened and fastened with the screen box. This is very important, which can not only extend the life of the screen plates, screens, and screen boxes. Improve screening efficiency and reduce noise.
3. Amplitude and frequency
The amplitude refers to half of the travel of the screen box, and the frequency refers to the number of reciprocating vibration of the screen box in minutes. In addition to the angle of the sieve plate, it must have enough speed to make the material on the sieve plate move forward.
4. The angle of Wedge Wire Screen Panel
The obliquity of the sieve plate affects the moving speed of the material on the sieve. The material with large inclination moves fast and has a high processing capacity. The inclination angle and structure of the sieve are related to the quality requirements of the screened products.
5. Too much treatment capacity (treatment capacity per unit area or per unit width) seriously affects the screening efficiency, so that the content of the material on the screen is less than that of the mesh size.
6. Projection angle
It is the angle formed by the moving direction of the screen box and screen plate.
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