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Maintenance knowledge of Wedge Wire Filter Pipe

Wedge Wire Filter Pipe is widely used in screening, filtration, and protective decoration. It can be used in mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, aerospace, and other industries, but there will also be failures in the process of use. Let's share a common sense of maintenance:
① pay attention to the use of the screen only in the production process, and replace it if any damage has been found. Another is to put a strong magnet in the whole grain, which has a certain effect, even though it is stainless steel.
② adjust the loosening point of Wedge Wire Filter pipe, control the viscosity of soft material, and lay the particles after drying.
③ it is inevitable that the screen of the swing granulator is worn and broken. It is wasteful to use the plastic screen for granulation, which rarely breaks. After each variety is completed, a plastic screen will be replaced.
④ at present, there are three types of screen in swing granulators, one is a different Wedge Wire Filter Pipe, the other is nylon, the other is a Wedge Wire Filter pipe. Compared with the Wedge Wire Filter pipe, there will be no screen damage, but there will also be metal, and the next process is needed for testing, such as strong magnet, metal detector, and other tools.
The Wedge Wire Filter pipe produced by our company is popular because of its unique advantages such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature oxidation resistance, high strength, strong tensile strength, toughness and wear resistance and durability.
The way to solve the problem is to do a good job of Wedge Wire Filter Pipe protection and maintenance, regular maintenance, do not let the problem appear in the way of work, greatly reduce the loss of work.

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