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The type and composition of the wedge wire filter nozzle

UBO company has a single head tube water filter nozzle, quick water filter nozzle, double head tube water filter nozzle, double flow water filter nozzle, single flow filter nozzle, long handle single head pipe filter nozzle, double head plate filter nozzle.

Ubo factory production of wfilter nozzles are mainly used for liquid and solid separation or gas and solid separation, to prevent the filter media (sand, catalyst, resin, silicate, activated carbon, etc.) the role of loss. It is usually used as a collector and dispenser for desalination plants, water softeners, and pressure and gravity sand filters.

During the collection or distribution of liquids or gases, a specific flow rate is achieved by designing the number and distribution of the water cap.

UBO production of the filter nozle with high strength, open area and anti-clogging design, is the need for specific flow rate and backwash the media to maintain the ideal container. The standard nozzle diameter is 51 mm and can be tightly connected to the mounting plate by threading. The gap width of the cap is between 0.15 mm and 0.50 mm. The unique anti-clogged V-wire design ensures that the particles are only in contact with the edges of the wire.

In other designs (such as ordinary screen), the particles will fall into the net, resulting in clogging and ongoing maintenance problems. Kwong Hing filter water cap unique anti-plug V-shaped wire design, to ensure that the particles can only contact with the edge of the wire two points, effectively prevent the blockage.

The type and composition of the wedge wire filter nozzle

The type and composition of the wedge wire filter nozzle

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