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How to solve the problem of vibration screen plug

How to solve the problem of blocking, the main method focused on two aspects:

The structural form of the vibrating screen and the vibration intensity and the structural form of the screen.
From the development of the form of vibration screen structure, there are probabilistic sieve, relaxation sieve, thick screen and other forms of vibrating screen, in solving the problem of congestion have a certain progress, but the screen can not be effective Of the self-cleaning, generally only for more than 13 mm material classification.

As the material on the screen surface is layered through the screen, the greater the effective screening area, the screen surface unit time the greater the amount of screening, the higher the production efficiency. Therefore, in the case of a certain increase in the size of the screen area can reduce the thickness of the material layer, to a certain extent, improve the screening efficiency, but also make the vibrating screen is too cumbersome, an increase of equipment and construction costs.
Vibration strength is too small, will cause the material can not be fully loose impact through the screen, increase the vibration intensity can improve the screening efficiency, but if it is sticky wet fine material, the material will be tightly adhere to the screen, the overall movement, The difficulty of vibration, the improvement of vibration intensity is not obvious to solve the problem of blocking, and the vibration intensity is too large will be on the linear vibrating screen side panels, pipe beams, exciters and other damage, reduce the life of the vibrating screen.

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