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the require sieve bend screen

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The maintenance of the sieve bend screen is directly related to the service life of the round vibrating screen. Good maintenance measures can effectively extend the service life of the screen. 

1. To prevent moisture, during the working process of the circular vibrating screen, the materials screened by the circular vibrating screen are often wet, and sometimes it is completely operated with water.  After the work is completed, the materials above the screen must be completely cleaned in time to prevent the wet materials from corroding the screen surface at night. 

2. It is necessary to pay attention to waterproofing. Many small and medium-sized enterprises like to use round vibrating screens made of steel products. Many productions are currently impossible to produce 365 days a day for various reasons.

During the shutdown process, the screens of round vibrating screens are completely exposed to the outside If you don't pay attention to rain and moisture, you will find that the screen of the circular vibrating screen has been corroded and cannot be used when the construction site is newly started. Therefore, you should take the necessary measures to protect the curved screen from rain! 

sieve bend screen

The main performance and characteristics of curved screen plate: 

1. Good wear resistance and long service life. Its wear resistance is 3 to 5 times that of steel screen plate and more than 5 times that of ordinary rubber screen plate. 

2. The maintenance workload is small, the polyurethane sieve plate is not easy to damage, and the service life is long, so it can greatly reduce the maintenance volume and the loss of production and maintenance. 

3. The total cost is low. Although the polyurethane screen of the same specification (area) has a higher investment (about 2 times) than the stainless steel screen, the life of the polyurethane screen is 3 to 5 times that of the stainless steel screen, and it is repaired and replaced. The number of times is low, so the total cost is not high, and it is economically very cost-effective. 

4. Good moisture resistance, can work under the condition of water as the medium, and in the case of water, oil and other media, the coefficient of friction between the polyurethane and the material is reduced, which is more conducive to sieving, improves the screening efficiency, and avoids wet particles At the same time, the friction coefficient is reduced, the wear is reduced, and the service life is increased. 

5. Corrosion resistance, non-flammable, non-toxic and tasteless. 

6. Due to the reasonable design of the sieve hole and the unique manufacturing process of the sieve plate, the particles of the limit size will not block the sieve hole. 

7. It has good vibration absorption performance and strong noise reduction ability, which can reduce noise and make the sieves not easily broken during vibration.

8. Due to the characteristics of the secondary vibration of polyurethane, the polyurethane sieve plate has a self-cleaning effect, so the screening efficiency is high.

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YUBO Company is the professional supplier in China. It is always committed to study, design and produce wedge wire screen products for industry filter.Now its products include wedge wire screen panel, filter nozzle, cylinder,basket,pipe, Sieve Bend Screen,Profile Screen Laterals,etc.

What Is wedge wire screen

Wedge Wire Screens is a sieve made from looped wires formed into a deep wedge-shaped section. The wedge wire screens can be supplied in various shapes and forms as FLAT PANELS, CURVED SIEVE BENDS, CONICAL BASKETS, CYLINDERS, TROUGHS DISKS either in one one piece or in segments.

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