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Why we need the filter water

Water delivers to organism cells nutrients (vitamins, mineral salts) and carries away an ability to live waste. Besides, water participates in thermoregulation and breath process. For normal work of all systems 1,5 liters of water a day are necessary for the person at least.

The paradoxical fact: water is necessary for life, but it is also one of the main reasons of disease in the world.

Danger of the use of poor-quality water can be microbiological: water contains set of microorganisms in the nature, some of which cause in human serious illness, such, for example, as a cholera, a typhus, a hepatitis or a gastroenteritis.

Contamination of water can be also chemical. Thus the consequences of the use of dirty water can come both immediately and over the years.

In addition, water must be not only clean, but also delicious.

We can make a conclusion, that our existence is impossible waterless. And without good water good existence is impossible.

What is drinking-water like?

Drinkable is considered water suitable to the use inward and correspond to criteria of quality – if it is so, water is safe and pleasant to the taste. In the world these criteria were ratified by European Union, and then accepted with some adaptation for each of countries.


What is the hard water?

One of properties of water is its ability to dissolve mineral substances, in particular, calcium and magnesium, passing in the circulation through lime breeds. Hard water contains the enhanceable amount of salts of calcium and magnesium. Perhaps, basic lack of hard-water in that it abandons after itself scum, what abbreviates tenure of domestic technique employment.


What is in water composition except water?

Water intended for the use in the way of life, from the point of chemistry is a difficult enough fruit "compote". Water can consist of:

Liquid inorganics

Actually it is water and it's inorganic permeates. Mostly these are salts and cut-in gases.


Liquid organic substances

It is organic substances not water-miscible and formative an independent liquid environment, thus this environment can be difficult on composition (for example, oil products are petrol or fuel oil, and also phenol). Organic substances can be volatile (evaporate at boiling of water) or non-flying (does not evaporate at boiling of water).

Hard inorganics

It is inorganics being in water in the uncut-in state and formative an independent hard environment. A blight belongs here, for example.

Hard organic substances

The organic substances formative a separate hard environment. Mainly it is foods of vital functions of flora and fauna, silty sedimentations and hard organic substances, a not water-soluble.


Microorganisms being in water : bacteria, viruses, water-plants, spores et cetera.


Does the pure natural water excist

The compound of H2O in a pure form in the wild does not exist. Water is an universal solvent, it dissolves in itself everything, that meets on it's way. Enjoying taste of well water or using water from a "purely clean" spring after a fence surrounding village, we infuse into in itself a fruit "compote" composition of that would not be able to reproduce, perhaps, nobody. However it is needed prematurely to fall in panic.


What is contamination of water?

Contamination of water is it's polution with substances, doing water useless for man. Contamination of water can happen on all stages of water circulation, even in an atmosphere, where water is contained as clouds (and it means that a rain-water is not necessarily drinkable).

Dirty water

Actually, concept "dirty" the same conditional, as well as "clean". Water can be unpleasent to the taste and it smells awful , but to be here absolutely harmless, and can have excellent taste internalss, be purely transparent and colourless, but it can cause even death.

Who controls safety of water?

In such situation society is forced to undertake responsibility for safety of consumable product. And for realization of control to enter some parameters, witch drinking-water must correspond.

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