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What effect will the surface treatment of the wedge screen have on the service life of the wedge screen

The key to the service life of wedge wire screen is directly related to the surface treatment process and the thickness of treatment layer. So what is the effect of surface treatment on the service life of wedge wire screen?
The service life of the cuneiform wire screen is different because of the different treatment technology of the surface layer of the screen. The surface of the wedge wire screen is the product after the plastic penetration treatment. The surface can be well adapted to the use and installation in the outdoor protective environment. The surface material treatment process is based on the treatment of the sprayed plastic, which is suitable for the use of the indoor protective performance, because the service life of the product treated by this process is shorter than that of the product after the plastic penetration.
The surface of any kind of product required by the wedge-shaped wire screen is the use principle that the surface treatment level of the object should be uniform, the diameter of the wire should be smooth, and the color should be maintained. The first part of the wedge wire screen to be analyzed is the composition standard of. By wire diameter, mesh, mesh, three specifications. The larger the wire diameter, the longer the service life, the higher the mesh number, the smaller the mesh and the smaller the wire diameter.
The above is about the service life of the wedge-shaped wire screen, hoping to help you. If you have any questions, welcome to ubow company, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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