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Wedge Wire Sieve Bends Screen Panel

Variants wedge wire sieve bends screen panel

Manufacture of the sieve bends
. Welded sieve bends are bent into the required radius after welding the mat. The rounding can be effected both in slot direction and in direction of the cross bars. Looped sieve bends are bent to the required screen surface radius after pressing of the wedge wire and subsequent processing of the screen mat. In this case, the rounding can also be implemented in both directions.

In most cases, sieve bends are applied in the area of dewatering e.g. in the mining industry
But sieve bends are also applied in other areas e.g.

  • in the chemical and potassium industry in the area of densification
  • in the food industry for the extraction of corn starch

There are more details about the Sieve Bend Screen products, and please let me know your message about the require.

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