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The gap opening of the wedge-shaped wire sieve plate is to form the ideal gap size through the continuous winding of the gap.The whole process is monitored by the computer console operation,and the whole production process is supervised manually.Each production link is produced by professional production personnel using advanced and sophisticated professional equipment.The individual slot space of the wedge wire sieve plate can be different in the manufacturing process.In fact,in the case of poor geological conditions,even a single section of the screen pipe can produce a gap of different sizes.This is conducive to the maximum application of hydraulic conductivity at all levels.Product specifications and raw materials can be specially customized according to the needs of customers.All products are strictly subject to the production inspection according to the authoritative standards of products to ensure product quality,thus ensuring the interests of customers and obtaining the highest production efficiency with the most economic investment.

Wedge wire welded sieve plate is a kind of metal mesh structure element for screening and filtration,which is widely used in screening,filtration,dehydration,slimming and other operations in many industries.It has high strength,rigidity and bearing capacity,and can be made into rigid screening and filtering devices of various shapes.This product is processed by advanced fusion welding technology,with the highest screening efficiency,the strongest anti-seismic and tensile capacity,the minimum maintenance requirements,and the longest service life.There are more than 60 specifications of screen gap from 0.05-45mm,which can be produced according to the requirements.Our company can provide all kinds of arc screen surface,users can choose different sizes and openings of arc screen plate according to their own needs to meet their actual needs.

When the treated waste water is evenly distributed on the inclined screen surface through the overflow weir,the screen surface gap is small and smooth,the back gap is large,the drainage is smooth,and it is not easy to block; the solid matter is intercepted,the filtered water flows out of the screen plate gap,and under the oblique action,the solid matter is pushed to the lower end of the screen plate to discharge,so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.Wedge wire sieve plate can effectively reduce the concentration of suspended solids in water,reduce the treatment load of subsequent processes,and has the advantages of no plugging,low noise,corrosion resistance,dehydration,good effect of medium removal,convenient installation and reliability.The material has the advantages of beautiful appearance,high mechanical strength,heat insulation,corrosion resistance,excellent weather resistance,small maintenance workload and long service life,so it can greatly reduce the maintenance amount and production and maintenance loss.

The stainless steel wedge mesh should have enough strength,high opening rate and not easy to block holes.When the vibrating screen vibrates,the sieve plate passes through different shapes and sizes of materials,and the size of materials.Under the action of the vibration force,the materials of different sizes are separated to achieve the purpose of classification.Our company can provide all kinds of wedge wire welded screen plates.Users can choose different sizes and openings of wedge wire mesh plates according to their own needs to meet their actual needs.Specifications: stainless steel wedge wire screen,wedge wire screen basket,stainless steel 304 316 screen plate filter,Wedge Wire tube is widely used in screening,filtering,dehydration,slimming and other operations in many industries.It has high strength,rigidity and bearing capacity,and can be made into rigid screening and filtering devices of various shapes.Stainless steel wedge wire filter basket is the key component of filter equipment,widely used in coal,chemical industry,metallurgy and other industries.When working,stainless steel wedge wire filter basket not only bears the vibration load,but also bears the severe impact of coal and water,so the strength and accuracy requirements are relatively high.

We are wedge-shaped wire mesh supplier,have served more than 100 mining units,the service life is 1-2 times longer than other sieve plates,welcome customers to customize wedge-shaped wire mesh.

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