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How to solve the burr of stainless steel sieve plate

There are many burrs in the manufacturing process of the stainless steel sieve plate, which will have a certain impact on the shape of the sieve plate and production operation. Now let us know how to deal with the burr problem of stainless steel sieve plate.
In the process of punching, the direction of the force should be determined, and the partner should reduce the conflict in other directions. For beautiful and long-lived stainless steel sieve plates, choose a slightly larger hole spacing. The qualified stainless steel sieve plate shall be used to ensure the flatness of the channel during the punching process, and the more flat the effect is, the better.
The screen plate is widely used. The main reason is that the screen plate has many advantages, such as excellent ductility. As for the screen plate, it is very important to have excellent ductility, which is the key factor to determine the wide use of the screen plate. Of course, the wear resistance of the screen plate is also very important. The screen plate is used in various screening professions. The screening products are various and outstanding The wear resistance of the sieve plate is the key to its long life.
For many products, raw materials are an important part. The quality of raw materials directly affects the quality of the products. In the process of stainless steel processing, the plate needs to be investigated. The screen plate produced from different raw materials has different working environments and effects. Different production methods may lead to different use effects of sieve plate. Whether it's the environment or raw materials, it will have an effect. I believe that through the above explanation, you will know more about the stainless steel sieve plate.

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